May, 2000 


It is my intention to update our Divisional members of the recent events at the Executive Board meeting in San Francisco last month.  Bob Syvret reported that our efforts to increase the funds in the Moissan scholarship fund have done well due to the success of our investments.  Bill Wilson’s efforts to solicit designated money to the Moissan fund were very successful.  I would caution that we should not become overly optimistic that the fund will grow as rapidly as it has over the past two years.  Bill reported that four Moissan scholarships were awarded this year.  To refresh your memories I would remind you that we originally had two scholarships per year.  I would offer a suggestion to our Divisional members to consider a personal contribution to the Moissan fund, which is a tax deductible in the United States.

Gerry Hammond reported substantial progress with the next Winter Fluorine Conference scheduled for January 2001.  A scientific review committee has been formed with members from the United States and abroad.  Gerry reported that invitations for plenary lecturers have been made.  A handsomely prepared initial brochure was available and a copy is enclosed herein.  Further information will be forthcoming.

The Division has been requested to bring our by-laws into compliance with those of the national organization.  Three Executive board members have agreed to take on this responsibility.  By-law updates aren’t a lot of fun but they’re necessary. 

The programming for this past ACS meeting started off well with a tutorial session given by Jim McCarthy.  It was reported that there were over 110 participants in Jim’s afternoon session.  It was refreshing to see so many new faces in the audience and the interest in the scientific community on the effects of fluorine in drug discovery.  Perhaps this is a portent of future scientific sessions.  Steve Strauss did an excellent job of promoting this session and organizing the scientific programming.  He will be missed as Vice-Chair/Programs next year.  Nominations for Vice-Chair/Programs and for two Executive Committee positions were presented at the Division’s business meeting.  I want to thank Joe Thrasher and Dale Shellhamer for canvassing our membership for the candidates.  The nominating committee presented a broad choice of industrial and academic candidates from large and small universities and colleges.  Now that’s real representation!  Be certain to vote in the upcoming election.  

We will not be having any general sessions or specialized co-sponsored sessions at the fall ACS meeting in Washington.  The officers decided that with a spring ACS meeting, the international meeting in Durham, the Pacific meeting in December, and the Winter Fluorine Conference in January 2001, we would not be able to put forth a strong scientific program at the Washington meeting.  If we were a larger Division, programs for both national meetings would be have been easier.

The Fluorine Division through the combined efforts of Felix Aubke, Bill Wilson and Karl Christe have organized and put together an excellent program for the Pacific Basin conference in Hawaii.  With so many national and international meetings in one year, it takes the combined talents of many of our members to continually organize interesting scientific sessions.  Scientific topics for future meetings have been discussed at our Executive meetings.  If you have a specific topic that you think should be included in future meetings, contact one of your officers or the Vice-Chair of programming.  Give us a name of who you think could be the organizer for the session or symposium.  Don’t be modest by not suggesting yourself as the organizer.  Consider co-sponsoring a session or symposium with another ACS division to stimulate interest of others in fluorine chemistry. 

The ACS governing board reviews our past year’s effort and involvement with the scientific community, as a Division, annually.  One of the recommendations made to us as officers last year was to involve the officers and our members at the local or regional ACS meetings.  I would like to hear back from our general membership whether they are involved in any local or regional ACS activities.  Please advise me by mail, telephone or by e-mail so I can report back to the national ACS governing board in our annual report.  I am involved at the local ACS chapter on a long range planning committee.  I value your input on this matter.


                                                                        Fred E. Behr,

Fluorine Division Chair, 2000



The spring ACS meeting was a tremendous success, not only from a scientific perspective, but financially as well.  I would like to publicly thank the following generous sponsors for once again supporting scientific programming in the ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry:

ACS National Office

Allergan, Inc.

Elf-Atochem North America, Inc.

Merck - (Darmstadt)

University of Southern California


The Division of Fluorine Chemistry would like to thank the following corporations for the generous donations received to date toward the Moissan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Fluorine Chemistry:

Dyneon, LLC

JRD Fluorochemicals, Inc.

Halocarbon Products Corporation

Solvay Fluorides


The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is pleased to announce that four Moissan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Fluorine Chemistry, valued at $2,500 each, have been awarded to the following recipients for work in the summer of 2000:

Professor James K. Coward, University of Michigan; student is Scott Harrison

Professor Dennis P. Curran, University of Pittsburgh; student is Brian Bucher

Professor Linda Doerrer, Barnard College; student is Marisa Buzzeo

Professor Gerald Hammond, UMass Dartmouth; student is Takuo Hama


I would like to thank Dr. Greg Hartgraves for assuming the duties of Division of Fluorine Chemistry newsletter editor.  Greg has already improved the newsletter by including some key advertising (see page 7).  If you have suggestions for the newsletter please send them to Greg at: GregH@sonuspharma.com



The membership directory is at the printers and the members can expect to receive it in approximately six weeks.  Please check the new directory for accuracy and send any corrections or omissions to Rick Flynn (address on the front page of this newsletter.) The membership as of December 1999 stood at 713. Of these there are 611 full members, 101 divisional affiliates and one national affiliate. Please continue to encourage your associates to join both the ACS as well as the Fluorine Division.


Agreement Reached Between Division of Fluorine Chemistry and Elsevier Science

The Executive Committee of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry has signed an agreement (endorsed also by the ACS National Office) with Elsevier Science, SA, publishers of the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry.  This agreement provides to each member of the Division the opportunity to obtain an individual subscription to the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry for 2000 for the introductory rate of US $100.  The rate for 2001 is expected to be around US $130.  In order to be eligible for this low rate you must be a member of the ACS Division of Fluorine Chemistry.  The Division will be responsible for verifying membership status and Elsevier will collect the subscription fees.



The Executive Committee of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry has voted to establish a “Distinguished Service Award in Fluorine Chemistry” which is to be presented every other year at the Winter Fluorine Conference, beginning in 2001, to a person who has provided exemplary and distinguished service to the advancement of fluorine chemistry.  The award will consist of a plaque and travel expenses to attend the Winter Fluorine Conference.  A summary of the eligibility details and nomination procedure is given below:


·        Eligibility:  The person must be a member of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry and living at the time of nomination.

·        Nomination procedure:  There must be 1 nominating letter, up to 2 seconding letters, and a curriculum vitae sent with the nomination.  The nomination letter is not to exceed 6 typewritten pages and should indicate the nominee’s service to fluorine chemistry.  Nominations are to be sent to the Chair of the Division at the time the nomination is made.  All nominations for the 2001 award should be sent to Dr. Fred Behr.

·        Submission date:  All nominations for the first Distinguished Service Award in Fluorine Chemistry, to be presented in 2001, must be received by August 15, 2000.

·        Evaluation committee:  The Chair of the Division will select 3 individuals to serve as an evaluation committee.  The committee members will remain anonymous.  Each of the three committee members will rank each submitted nomination on a 1,2,3 scale with 1 being the highest grade.  The total points for each nominee will then be compiled and the winner determined as the nominee with the lowest score; or in the event of a tie, the winner will be determine as the nominee with the most “1” scores.

·        The Chair of the Division will notify the winner by the end of November, 2000 for the award to be presented in 2001.  A general announcement of the award winner will be made in C&EN, on our web site, and in the Spring 2001 Newsletter of the Division.



by Councilor Don Burton


For president-elect of the ACS, four candidates were presented to the Council:

Each candidate presented a brief outline of what they hoped to accomplish if elected president of the ACS.

These two persons will be voted on by the full ACS membership at a later date.   It was pointed out by the ACS Board that any By-Law change (for a Division) must be submitted to the ACS before voting on them by the Division.


The Regions represented by Regional Directors were drastically out-of-balance in regard to ACS members in each region.  The boundaries have been realigned (to maximize balance) and are now within 4% of balance.


·        16th International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry will take place in Durham, U.K. July 16-21, 2,000, under the auspices of the Royal Society of Chemistry. There will be a full scientific program, including a number of invited keynote lectures, and an accompanying persons program.  Social events will center on the Castle and a range of accommodation will be available, but mainly in colleges, within the University of Durham.  Durham is a small town with a magnificent medieval castle and cathedral and the region has a wide range of attractive tourist opportunities.

For more information about the 16th International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry please check the official web site at www.rsc.org/lap/confs/fluorine.htm.  The final lecture program will be posted there as soon as it is finalized.  Any queries can be directed to: 

Mrs. N. Morgan

e-mail:  conferences@rsc.org

tel: +44(0)20 7437 8656

Fax: +44(0) 20 7734 1227

Local Secretary:

Professor D.O'Hagan:

e-mail:  David.O'Hagan@durham

Tel: +44(0) 191 374 3119

Fax: +44(0) 191 384 4737


·        220th ACS National Meeting - Washington, D.C. August 20-24, 2000

The Fluorine Division will not have an official presence at the Washington, D.C. national meeting.  Please contact Steve Strauss for further details.


·        2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies

      December 14-19, 2000  Honolulu, HI

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry of the ACS, together with the Chemical Society of Japan and the Canadian Society for Chemistry, is sponsoring two symposia.  The first, entitled “Advances in Inorganic Fluorine Chemistry: New Synthetic Methods, Applications in Industries and Material Sciences, and Computational Aspects” will be within Area 6 -Inorganic Chemistry and is being co-organized by Professor Tsuyoshi Nakajima (Japan), Professor Felix Aubke (Canada), and Drs. Karl Christe and Bill Wilson (USA).  The second, “New Synthetic Methods in Organofluorine Chemistry” will be within Area 9 - Organic Chemistry and is being co-organized by Professors Takeo Taguchi and Takeshi Nakai (Japan), Professor Tom Tidwell (Canada), and Dr. Viacheslav Petrov and Professor Bill Dolbier (USA).  Further information can be obtained by contacting any of the co-organizers noted above.


·        15TH WINTER FLUORINE CONFERENCE - Tradewinds Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach, FL, January 14-19, 2001 - Organizers are Gerry Hammond and Bill Farnham.  The special theme for the conference is: A Celebration of the First Thirty Years of the Winter Fluorine Conference; Expanding the Frontiers of Fluorine in Science and Technology in the 21st Century.  Further information can be obtained by contacting Ms. Elizabeth Winiarz at the address given below.  Technical contributions must be in the form of a short and long abstract and should be sent to:


Ms. Elizabeth Winiarz

Assistant to the Chair 15WFC

UMass Dartmouth Library

285 Old Westport Road

North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Phone (508) 999-8696

FAX (508) 999-9240

email:  ewiniarz@umassd.edu


                        Deadline for submission of Abstracts:    August 31, 2000

                        Notification of Acceptance:                               September 30, 2000

                        Deadline for Registration:                                  December 15, 2000

                        Deadline for Hotel Reservations:                       December 15, 2000


·        222nd ACS National Meeting - Chicago, IL, August 26-30, 2001

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is planning to hold symposia.  Look to future newsletters for more details or contact Steve Strauss.


·        224th ACS National Meeting - Boston, MA, September 8-12, 2002

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is planning to hold symposia.  Look to future newsletters for more details or contact Steve Strauss.


Do you need a tax deduction?

Consider a tax deductible contribution to the Moissan Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Fluorine Chemistry.  The Division is eager to endow this important program to the extent that it can become self-sustaining in the years to come.  For more information contact Bob Syvret, Vice-Chair/Secretary-Treasurer, Division of Fluorine Chemistry.


Would you like to advertise here?

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is now offering advertising space in the Division Newsletter for a nominal cost.  If you are interested in advertising or would like further details please contact Dr. Greg Hartgraves at Sonus Pharmaceuticals.  Greg’s e-mail address is GregH@sonuspharma.com

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