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Spring 2002 NEWSLETTER

May, 2002

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Chair's Message

I would like to begin by welcoming our newest Division Officer and members-at-large to the Division Executive Committee.  Gary Schrobilgen joins us as Vice-Chair/Secretary while Adam Alty, Cathy Crudden, and Chris Hewitt are our newest members-at-large.  We are also indebted to our outgoing Executive Committee members Steve Strauss, Slava Petrov, and Greg Hartgraves for their service to the Division.

I am pleased to say that the 2002 Executive Committee is bustling with activity.  Several new subcommittees have been formed and there has already been much progress made on numerous fronts.  A new Strategic Planning Subcommittee with members Chris Hewitt, Scott Shaffer, and George Shia have undertaken the task of developing a long-range vision and will create a plan to ensure the continued vitality and longevity of the Division.  A Winter Fluorine Conference Advisory Subcommittee has been formed with members Adam Alty, GB Hammond, Bill Farnham, and Bob Syvret, and with the mission to oversee the planning and organizational activities relating to the conference and to provide advice to the organizers.  A Moissan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Subcommittee has been formed to solicit and review proposals for this important program.  Pete Morken, Cathy Crudden, and Webb Bailey (FluoroMed LLC) have agreed to serve on this subcommittee.  A Distinguished Service Award Subcommittee has been appointed to oversee the selection of the winner of the 2nd biennial award, to be presented at the 16th Winter Fluorine Conference in 2003.

I am very pleased to announce that Shirley Hirschel has agreed to serve in the role of Fluorine Division Newsletter Editor.  Shirley has been instrumental in putting together the newsletter over the last three years.  In addition, Phil Henderson has been appointed the new Division of Fluorine Chemistry Webmaster.  Phil has already put a great deal of effort into updating and improving the site and is continuing to work hard to make it even better.  Please take a moment to check it out when you get a chance:  http://membership.acs.org/F/FLUO/index.htm

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is quite fortunate to have Bruce Smart agree to represent the Division on the new ACS Committee on Science.Representatives to this committee are responsible  for speaking  to other  Divisions on  behalf of  their homeDivision.  Bruce will represent our Division by giving “overview of fluorine chemistry” type talks to other Divisions who may be interested in knowing what goes on in fluorine chemistry.

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry met during the recent ACS National Meeting in Orlando for a small yet very effective technical session.  The highlight was the Award Symposium and Banquet in honor of the 2002 recipient of the ACS Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry, Professor Dave Lemal.

A slate of candidates for the 2002 election was ratified at the Division Business meeting.  Nominees for Vice-Chair/Membership are Professor Ramachandran (Purdue University) and Mr. Scott Shaffer (AMS Materials, LLC).  Nominees for two Executive Committee members-at-large are Drs. Webb Bailey (FluoroMed LLC), Bill Casteel (Air Products), Bill Dolbier (U of Florida), and Bruce Smart (Dupont).  Voting materials will be sent to all members this summer.

Please plan on attending the 224th ACS National Meeting in Boston this coming August.  GB Hammond (Program Chair) has organized a general session for fluorine papers while Bruce Smart has organized a day-and-a-half symposium on Fluorine in Microlithography and Microchip Manufacture, and Bill Casteel, Russ Hughes, Tom Mallouk, Alain Tressaud, and Boris Zemva have organized a two-day symposium in honor of the 70th birthday of Professor Neil Bartlett.  The final program is published later in this newsletter and is available on our website.  We are deeply grateful to Dupont and Honeywell for financial support of these symposia.

Finally, the 16th Winter Fluorine Conference is looking to be the best ever.  Please mark it on your calendar and really try to attend.

If there is anything the Division of Fluorine Chemistry can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I promise that we will address your concern and resolve it, one way or the other.

With best personal regards,

Chair and Acting-Treasurer

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ASSETS (as of 31 December 2001)


($) as of 30 June 2001

($) as of 31 December 2001

ACS Investment Pool (market value)



Morgan Stanley Dean Witter



Prime Income Trust



Liquid Asset Fund



Diversified Income Trust “C”



Moissan Fellowship Total



MFS Mass Investors Trust "A"



Oppenheimer U.S. Gov Trust "A"



Limited Duration Fund

(Van Kampen Sr. Floating Rate Fund)1



Putnam Int. Growth Fund "A"



First Union National Bank



Total Assets



percent change



1  On advice of the MSDW financial advisor, funds were transferred to the Limited Duration Fund from the Van Kampen Sr. Floating Rate Fund.


Moissan Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Fluorine Chemistry


($) as of 31 Dec. 2000

($) as of 30 June 2001

($) as of 31 Dec. 2001

MFS Mass Investors Trust "A"




Oppenheimer U.S. Gov Trust "A"




Limited Duration Fund

(Van Kampen Sr. Floating Rate Fund)1




Putnam Int. Growth Fund "A"








% Change




Points to note:  The poor performance of the Stock Market has resulted in the continued devaluation of our Division’s holdings.  Note that despite the devaluation of our investment pool holdings, our total assets have increased slightly since June 2001.  The Moissan Fund holdings have continued to decrease owing to the decline in the Market and the fact that the Division did not contribute to the Fund during 2001.

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The division currently has (as of December, 2001) 732 members (down slightly from 748 as of the end of 2001).  There are 659 members and 71 divisional affiliates (and two National Affiliates).  As of December there were still 75 members who had not paid their dues in a timely fashion.  Please note that starting with the next membership roster, the ACS will no longer be including delinquent members (who will then not appear in any printed directory).  Fourteen of these new members have taken advantage of our free membership policy.  As a reminder, we will offer free memberships for the first year only to anyone wishing to join the division.  This does not apply to renewals nor to members who drop from the rolls and later reapply.  Renewal costs remain at $10 for ACS Members and $17 for non-ACS members.

By now all members of ACS should be aware of the ACS policy with regard to membership lists – specifically with their use in a printed membership directory.  Members must now opt in to have their names included in such a directory.  If they do not choose to be included, they cannot be included – in other words, no vote is a no vote.  Members who choose not to be included in such a directory will not receive a directory.  At this time we have 12 members who have chosen not to be included in a directory and still only about 69 people who have agreed to have their name included.  These numbers have not changed much in the latest divisional rosters.  Our division’s next directory will be published in 2003, so it is incumbent upon all the members to make sure that the ACS has their information with respect to this issue on file.  There are several ways to have this information conveyed to the ACS and it only need be done once.  (1) One can go to the ACS website and fill in the form found there.  This can only be used by ACS members.  (2) After paying ones dues, ACS will send out the proper form with ones new membership card (it is on the back of the membership information letter) and this can be filled in and mailed to ACS.  (3) One can send me the information by e-mail  (rmflynn@mmm.com) or letter, and the information will then be forwarded to ACS.  In this case, I need only have a statement written by the member to the effect that they would like to have their information included in any future directories that may be published by the Fluorine Division.  (4) Finally, one can fill out the form found below and mail it to me.


In an effort to assist the Fluorine Division in the important endeavor of the publication of a membership directory, we are asking you to indicate your desire to be published in such a directory.  To protect both your professional and personal privacy, you will be included in this directory only if you so indicate on this form.  No response from you will be considered a “no”.

Directory information will be limited to your name, preferred address (work or home), city, state, zip code, e-mail address and work phone number (or home phone number if no work number is available and no objection to the use of this number is raised by the member).  At this time we anticipate releasing only a printed version of the directory, but future directories may be sent in an electronic format.  These directories will be made available only to current members of the Fluorine Division who choose to participate in the program.  Please choose one of the following.

______      I agree to have my information published in the Fluorine Division Directory

______      I do not choose to have my information published in the Fluorine Division Directory

Please mail your response to Rick Flynn at the address found on the front page of this newsletter or by e-mail:  rmflynn@mmm.com

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The ACS Council Meeting was held on Wednesday. April 10, 2002, in Orlando, FL.  In addition to attending the Council Meeting, I also attended the Joint-Council Committee on Science Meeting on Saturday, April 6, 2002 (11:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

Nominees for President-Elect (of the ACS) presented brief speeches to the Council.  Four candidates indicated their willingness to serve if elected:  Charles P. Casey, Earnest R. Davidson, William M. Jackson, and Alvin L. Kwiram.

By ballot, the Council selected Charles P. Casey (University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI) and Alvin L. Kwiram (University of Washington, Seattle, WA) to be the nominees for President-Elect.

Of special interest to Divisions, is a petition for Local Section and Division support.  If passed, this petition could potentially increase the share of the annual Society dues received by Divisions.  As you might expect, this petition is not highly favored by many Local Sections.  However, there has been a push in recent years to assist Division support.  This topic will be debated for some time;  however, it is supported by the higher powers in the ACS.

The ACS Strategic Plan 2001-2003 is available on the ACS web site, Chemistry.org, for anyone interested.

The ACS finished 2001 with a net deficit of ~2 million dollars.  However, the ACS will survive – it has assets >1 billion dollars!  Because of a downturn in advertising, resulting from a weakened economy, the Publications Division did not achieve budget for revenue in 2001 – an unusual event for the Publications Division.

The ACS applied the Dues Escalator to the current dues of $112.00.  The 2003 dues will be $116.00.  This figure was approved and adopted by the ACS Council.

Chemistry.org debuted as the first web portal in Chemistry, offering users the opportunity to create a personalized Mychemistry.org page that can be populated with content of interest to them.  Subportal sites for seven Divisions were created.  In the future, the Chemistry.org portal will be available to all Divisions.  It will be useful for posting items of interest to Divisions and will also save funds by allowing newsletters, directory data, etc. to be posted.

JobSpectrum.org was launched as an on-line career and employment service, to support job searching and career management specifically for chemists.

The on-line ACS Salary Comparator was launched, allowing members to evaluate their salaries relative to those of members in comparable employment situations.

At the San Diego and Chicago National Meetings, attendees were able to register and make hotel arrangements via the internet.  I've used this on-line site and it works very well and is easy to use.

The Joint-Council Committee on Science had reached its Sunset Review time.  The Council recommended and approved that this committee be continued.

Payment of ACS dues on-line is under consideration by the ACS.

The ACS continues to grow.  It currently has 163,502 members;  a modest increase of 486 members compared to 2000.  The retention rate of members is high - currently 94%.  There are currently 34 Divisions in the ACS.

The National Employment Clearinghouse (NECH) in Orlando had 131 employers post 988 job openings.  There were 876 candidates interviewing for these positions.

The Orlando meeting had 14,380 attendees (includes exhibitors).  The exhibition at the Meeting was the 2nd largest exhibition hosted by the ACS.

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The Executive Committee of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry wishes to solicit nominations for the 2003 “Distinguished Service Award in Fluorine Chemistry.”  This award is presented every other year at the Winter Fluorine Conference to a person who has provided exemplary and distinguished service to the advancement of fluorine chemistry.  The winner of the inaugural award in 2001 was Dr. William W. Wilson.  The award consists of a plaque and travel expenses to attend the Winter Fluorine Conference.  A summary of the eligibility details and nomination procedure is given below:

·        Eligibility:  The person must be a member of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry and living at the time of nomination.

·        Nomination procedure:  There must be one nominating letter, up to two seconding letters, and a curriculum vitae sent with the nomination.  The nomination letter is not to exceed six typewritten pages and should indicate the nominee’s service to fluorine chemistry.  Nominations are to be sent to the Chair of the Division at the time the nomination is made.  All nominations for the 2003 award should be sent to Bob Syvret.

·        Submission date:  All nominations for the second Distinguished Service Award in Fluorine Chemistry, to be presented at the 16th Winter Fluorine Conference in 2003, must be received by August 15, 2002.

·        Evaluation committee:  The Chair of the Division will select three individuals to serve as an evaluation committee.  The committee members will remain anonymous.  Each of the three committee members will rank each submitted nomination on a 1,2,3 scale with 1 being the highest grade.  The total points for each nominee will then be compiled and the winner determined as the nominee with the lowest score; or in the event of a tie, the winner will be determine as the nominee with the most “1” scores.

·        The Chair of the Division will notify the winner by the end of November, 2002 for the award to be presented in 2003.  A general announcement of the award winner in C&EN, on our web site, and in the Spring Newsletter of the Division, will be made only after the Winter Fluorine Conference has ended and the award has been presented to the winner.

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The Division is committed to continuing this program and actively encourages the submission of appropriate proposals for research to be conducted during the summer of 2003.  This program is intended to encourage an interest in fluorine chemistry among prospective graduate students.  The program will provide funds for a student's summer salary and will be awarded directly to faculty members conducting research in any area of fluorine chemistry at colleges or universities, on the basis of competitively judged applications.  The awards for 2003 are currently $2,500 for a ten-week program.  In addition, a limited stipend will be available for the student to present his/her research results at an ACS sponsored meeting.  Research expenses in connection with this program will be the responsibility of the faculty member or his/her department or institution.  The number of awards to be made will be dependent upon the funds available.

Applications for funding under this program may be submitted by a faculty member conducting research in fluorine chemistry.  The application should be no longer than five pages and should outline the specific research to be undertaken by the student, should present reasons for anticipating progress by the student during the allotted time, and should suggest how the program might encourage the student to pursue graduate work in fluorine chemistry.  All applications must state that the faculty member has adequate facilities and sufficient additional funds to cover research expenses for the proposed research program, and must be signed by the applicant.

To be considered for an award in 2003, the Division Chair must receive an application by 15 November 2002.  The application, in triplicate, should be sent to:

Robert G. Syvret, R1103

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

7201 Hamilton Blvd.

Allentown, PA 18195

Alternatively, an electronic submission in the form of a Word document may be submitted to syvretrg@apci.com.  No more than one award will be provided to an individual applicant per year.

Applications for funding under this program will be judged by a committee consisting of the Division Chair, one academic member and one industrial member of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry, and one member-at-large of the Fluorine Division.  The awards for 2003 will be announced in the Spring 2003 Newsletter of the Division and the award recipients will be notified prior to this by mail or telephone.  It is anticipated that students in this program will have completed the equivalent of three years of a chemistry major's program, although outstanding students with less academic experience can also be considered.  Faculty members will be urged to consider students from institutions other than their own and especially from schools that provide limited opportunities for undergraduate research.  However, selection of a student for participation in this program will be at the sole discretion of the faculty member.  The selection process should be completed by 01 March 2003.

Brief reports (two to three pages) to the Division Chair are expected from the faculty member and student by 01 October 2003.  The faculty report should include a summary of technical accomplishments, skills realized by the student, perceived interest by the student in graduate work, and the perceived success or failure of this program in encouraging interest in fluorine chemistry by the student.  The student report should include a summary of technical accomplishments and an evaluation of the influence of the award program in his/her decision to consider graduate work in chemistry or fluorine chemistry.

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  • 224th ACS National Meeting – August 18-22, 2002, Boston, MA

The Division of Fluorine Chemistry is planning to host general sessions for contributed oral and poster presentations. Follow this link for details.

  • 16th WINTER FLUORINE CONFERENCE – January 11-17, 2003, TradeWinds Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

The Winter Fluorine Conference is an international, interdisciplinary five-day forum held to discuss new developments in all aspects of the chemistry of fluorine.  It is the premier, biennial meeting of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry of the American Chemical Society.  More information on abstract deadlines and the program will be posted when available.  The Conference Chair is Dr. Bill Farnham (DuPont), and the Conference Co-Chair is Professor Surya Prakash (USC).


  • 17th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON FLUORINE CHEMISTRY – Summer 2003, Shanghai, China - see Meetings page for more info.


  • 226th ACS NATIONAL MEETING – New York, NY, September 7-11, 2003
    The Fluorine Division is planning to organize technical sessions for this meeting.  Details will be published when available.


  • 14th EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON FLUORINE CHEMISTRY – Summer 2004, Poznań, Poland

Organizer is Henryk Koroniak.


  • 17th WINTER FLUORINE CONFERENCE – January 8-14, 2005, TradeWinds Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Conference Chair is Professor Surya Prakash (USC).

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